Limo Rental Service

  • Seating up to 8 Passengers
  • Bluetooth Radio
  • Bar w/ TV
  • 14 Passengers with Jet Door
  • Custom Black/White bentley style Interior
  • White Marble Floors with Matching Bar Tops
  • Vegas lighting on floors, bars, ceiling, and partition with built in TV & More!
  • Seating up to 10 Passengers
  • Two Full Size Bars
  • TV's throughout the entire limo with 2,000 watt stereo
  • VIP Section & More!
  • Seating up to 14 Passengers
  • Fiber Optic Lighting throughout
  • Multiple TV’s w/ Dvd Player
  • 2 Bars and VIP Area
  • Seating up to 20 Passengers
  • 4000 watt Stereo System
  • Wood Floor With Bars Inside Seating and 1 Full Bar
  • Club Lighting Package
  • VIP Section
  • Seating up to 20 Passengers
  • Fiber Optic Lighting throughout
  • Multiple TV’s w/ Dvd Player
  • 2 Bars and VIP Area
  • Seating up to 30 passengers

Limo Rental service provided by Acelimoli is one of the best in the region as we own luxury, newly purchased and well maintained limousines from the reputable car makers and models. 

We provide the most affordable limo rentals with greater comfort. The modish limos are also spacious making them very suitable for get-together parties, business trips or even family trips. Get in touch with us today for the best limousine deals. Their prices are the best in the city. Acelimoli finds the interest of its customers and provides them with suitable limo varieties. We do give suggestions that suit your needs and the decision is up to you to choose from our fleet.

Whether you need just a simple transportation or a full day disposal, we can provide you with a luxury limousine or transformer limo for 6-17 passengers for partners, friends and family. With different and luxurious limos, you will always find one to carry all our luggage to or from the required destination at the right time.

Hire them today and you will be amazed by the quality you will be offered. The prices may vary depending on your destination, the number of people in the limo and the luggage you are carrying. Despite these differences, you will always find it relatively cheaper and their prices are unbeatable in the city. Our experience will help you with anything you wish. 

Just make a Call at 516-232-5556 and we will quickly cater to your needs.